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  1. Chibson

    Before you accept that job offer

    Yeah, asking current or former employees is still another good way in which you will know whether such a job is suitable for you. It is important to make research.
  2. Chibson

    What are the benefits of Passive Income?

    Any business that involves rentage is very lucrative. The only issue with it is that it requires a lot of money to start.
  3. Chibson

    How to treat the complaint of workers

    Probably, workers are very important when it comes to the success of a business. If the complaints of workers are not paid attention to then the business may not be able to sustain growth.
  4. Chibson

    How profitable is selling building materials?.

    Probably, anything that relates to building is always very much in demand. I currently work in a dredging site and the demand for sands for building on daily basis is high.
  5. Chibson

    Which one would you engage, passive earnings or active earnings?

    Probably, your years of hard work will probably pay you off when you get old. That is why people should always try as much as possible to create passive income sources for themselves in their young age.
  6. Chibson

    As a young person, would you do farming business?

    Anybody who is interested in getting rich should not look for white-collar jobs. It is important to look into some certain businesses some people look down on to make a lot of money.
  7. Chibson

    Would you rehire a former staff who resigned voluntarily?

    Probably, emotions should not be brought in when it comes to running businesses. If they are people that can do the job perfectly then rehiring them is the right thing to do.
  8. Chibson

    Is gambling a good investment?

    Probably, only few gamblers make tangible amount of money from those platforms. But the company owners usually make the most amount of money because so many gamblers lose.
  9. Chibson

    How to improve the work environment for workers

    Almost everyone will love to work in a place where their health are given attention to. Of course there will be a lot of concentration in such work environment.
  10. Chibson

    Can money be made from upwork?.

    As a beginner you will find it very difficult to make money from many freelance platforms. But if you're consistent enough you can hit your jackpot after some period of time.
  11. Chibson

    What is essential in making an effective team effort?

    Teamwork is always needed in any business venture. With teamwork there will always be some level of cooperation which will enhance the productivity of the team members.
  12. Chibson

    Is frozen turkey business allowed?

    Yes, it is a very lucrative business in this part of the world. All you need is a good location and you are good to go. A lot of people consume frozen products here.
  13. Chibson

    Before negotiating your salary, know what they are paying you for.

    That is actually the truth. Knowing your worth is very much important and that is why people are always advised to acquire as many skills as possible. When you have some skills you'll be very valuable.
  14. Chibson

    How government are affecting business

    Government will always do what will generate income for them. That is why in some countries they always tax business is whether small or big. It is also the major reason small businesses do not survive easily.
  15. Chibson

    Before you accept that job offer

    Yeah, it is important to find out whether the boss is someone who you can work with and grow. I always advise people to do works that allows them to grow in their career.
  16. Chibson

    Best ways to adopt when expanding your business

    I think your former boss made a wise decision. It is actually an extra way to make some good amount of money and generate more income for the business.
  17. Chibson

    Free Litecoin

    $200 in 4 months is not really bad in my own perspective. That means $50 a month. I would really like to try it out.
  18. Chibson

    Making money online as a writer

    That's right, it is not longer a big deal to own a blog but what really matters is making it successful. This is where consistency and hard work comes into play.
  19. Chibson

    trendri stopped paying !

    You're right, There have been always difficult times for some forums in the past but after sometime they will come back fully. I believe most of them will do that soon.
  20. Chibson

    Do you believe that sharing meals can help people get through cultural barriers in the workplace?

    You're right, sharing snacks or buying for your work colleagues is much better in my perspective. Not everyone will be able to eat your own food you prepared from home.