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  1. Heatman

    Where to ask for help about business?

    As long as the services of the business consultant is something that is reliable, I believe that it is going to be helpful for the business owner that makes use of it.
  2. Heatman

    The Need to Adapt as a business person.

    Change is something that is always constant and is happening all the time which is why the moment you are involved in business you should also try as much as possible to change with respect to what is happening in the market and the activities of your competitors.
  3. Heatman

    How do one overcome fear of failure?

    Any business owner that is not afraid of failing will end up failing because he will be overconfident and it will make him not to observe everything that needs to be observed that is going to prevent him or her from failing.
  4. Heatman

    Dream Big in Business

    The most important thing is for someone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur to have a business dream that is realistic so that you can be able to achieve it.
  5. Heatman

    How much is a crate of egg in your country?

    Those were the days inflation was not how it used to be today because everything have been doubled or even tripled to the initial price that they used to be sold.
  6. Heatman

    Benefits of Working Capital Loans

    Unfortunately I find it very difficult to obtain any kind of loan in order to run my business with it because I'm going to be very restless with that loan hanging on my head before I will pay it off.
  7. Heatman

    Variable Cost vs Fixed Cost - Which is easier to meet up in business?

    The most important thing is for the business owner to always work out on the best cost strategy that is going to help to minimise their expenses and improve and maximise their profits.
  8. Heatman

    Encourage employee feedback in your business

    Feedback from your customers is something that is very important in your business because that is the only way you will understand they're sending her your customers feel about your product and services.
  9. Heatman

    What would you do if your boss was busy?

    I don't think there is anything you can do in this situation than to stall on the person until your boss is free to be able to attend to the person.
  10. Heatman

    Do you have any 'must-have' items for a business trip?

    I believe that every business personnel that is traveling for a business meeting will always make use of a laptop for the business meeting or transaction in other words it is an item that everyone must always go with.
  11. Heatman

    How important is company logo

    This is one of the reason why Fiverr is still a very good platform for company to come and get the best designers of logos that are going to do a very good job for the company's logo.
  12. Heatman

    When should an entrepreneur get an assistant?

    Business expansion is one of the clear indication that you need to hire more staff that are going to help you to successfully carry out the business activities.
  13. Heatman

    How to deal with mockery at the workplace

    A lot of people don't understand how powerful it is when it comes to ignoring those that are trying to get under your skin because it will get them frustrated.
  14. Heatman

    How do you communicate effectively in business?

    Having a very good system of communication and a very viable communication channel in your business is always going to help to enhance the communication effectiveness in your business.
  15. Heatman

    Is failure actually the best teacher in business?

    I believe that it is actually a very good teacher when you have failed and learnt from your mistakes that is going to make it very difficult for you to repeat them again.
  16. Heatman

    How to bring out the best from introverted staff as an employer

    The most important thing is for a person to actually deliver on their job whether they are introvert or extrovert. This is because if they don't deliver the company will not look at the personality when they are going to fire them
  17. Heatman

    What's the best business idea?

    Profit-making is one of the most important aspect of any business which is why any business idea that guarantees you profit making is a very good business idea.
  18. Heatman

    Precautions to take while engaging in real estate

    This is one of the reasons why someone who wants to invest in real estate industry should always not be in a haste because that is when you will make a very big mistake and join or fall in the hands of scammers.
  19. Heatman

    Reinforce Business Learners

    The information technology sector is one of the most influential sector when it comes to job in the world today because most company always required their services and skills.
  20. Heatman

    The importance of business monitoring and reporting

    This is the simple reality of what is going to happen in that particular business and they're going to eventually end up duping the owner of the business.