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    What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

    Oh yeah. How I wish they will consider implementing on depositing Bitcoin too. I know Bittrex supports Lightning Network. I heard about BRC20 tokens too though I haven't checked it whether it's an EVM network. I heard about Ordinals wallet.
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    What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

    I checked it, and yes, Lightning Network was already implemented on Binance but only through withdrawals? I can't see any way how to deposit BTC on Binance by using Lightning Network.
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    What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

    I am not aware Binance supports Lightning Network. I checked it on my account, it isn't one of the networks included. Maybe I'll use Bittrex again since it's one of the exchanges I saw which I saw that uses LN. Or maybe try Kraken.
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    Crypto Airdrop Risks

    Nowadays, there are airdrops coming from new networks but criteria isn't that easy. Optimism and Arbitrum are examples. Even Sui didn't do an airdrop like the two mentioned above. ZkSync is one of the new networks that might give an airdrop but it isn't confirmed. Using the mainnet isn't easy...
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    Is Litecoin worth investing in at the moment?

    Litecoin recently had its halving. I think Litecoin is still a good coin to accumulate. It will surely go up when bull market comes. It is one of the oldest coins out there.
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    What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

    How I wish crypto exchanges enable Lightning Network too. Bittrex, I think, accepts Bitcoin through Lightning Network. I hope Binance, Kucoin, Coinex, etc. accepts from Lightning Network.
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    Making some income by small crypto trading

    It's time for accumulating if you only wanted to buy, and sell when bull run comes. When prices plunge, that's the perfect time to buy. But you can also earn from Spot trading.
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    Sweatcoin Conversion to US Dollars

    The price of Sweatcoin is still very low madam. If I were you, wait until the bull market comes. That's what I'm planning. Have you already downloaded Sweat Wallet too? For my Sweatcoin, my plan is to trade it on either KuCoin or Coinex when bull run comes.
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    Getting Paid in Crypto Currency?

    I prefer websites paying cryptocurrencies. There are many platforms that are designed for crypto. They are decentralized, and better than the centralized PayPal. Those platforms includes writing or posting on crypto social media.b
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    Do you use Safepal Wallet

    I think they're all the same. It depends on the network. Ethereum tokens usually has high gas fees. With Binance Smart Chain, fees are just fine though it's quite high but better than ERC20 token gas fees.
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    Are you Part of Binance?

    Hehe. Yeah. There are so many things we don't know. The government will do everything so they have things in their control. They are already doing it through crypto.
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    Okex exchange

    Yeah. And I forgot, OKX has its own wallet too aside from exchanges? I just saw it while doing testnets. OKX wallet appear as one of the choices.
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    What cryptocurrency are you investing in

    Did you receive an airdrop from Blur. Many has received. Too bad I didn't know about it before. But what I mentioned there is Blurt. It's a fork from Steemit.
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    Tokens and Coins

    Same. ERC20 tokens are just too expensive.l with gas fees. Binance Smart Chain tokens ha slower fees. Let's not forget tokens on Polygon Network too. The fees are really low. It's one of the nice networks out there.
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    Has anyone used coinbase for converting bitcoin into paypal?

    That's what I don't like with PayPal. It's either they'll block or limit your account without notice. I experienced it before, and it has turned out it's their mistake. They apologized for the mistake.
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    Tokens and Coins

    Yeah. That's right. There are what we call cross chains too. The rise of EVM networks is also here. USDT is actually on Ethereum, but there's USDT on BSC, Tron, Ethereum, and Polygon networks.
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    What cryptocurrency are you investing in

    I am actually investing on Hive, Steem, Blurt, Apx, Eth, Ltc, Btc, Bch, Doge, Xrp, and others. I'm trying out testnets too as they might give away some airdrop coins and tokens.
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    Is this the right time to Invest in cryptocurrency?

    It's time to prepare for bull run by accumulating or stacking more crypto. However, it might retrace one of these days, and then buy when it's lower. We're close to bull season!
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    Okex exchange

    I'm talking about Spot. Movements of trades are quite slow. I might check OKX again. 10 seconds is pretty fast. I also use Coinex but liquidity isn't much, but faster than Probit.
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    Are you Part of Binance?

    I see. I'm fine with Binance here in the Philippines though. I don't see it regulated yet. However, local platforms such as coinsph, PDAX, are being regulated by the government.