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  1. Devin

    Scam 👎 GPT with daily login bonus, cashout at $1, crypto/paypal payment

    After testing this website, trying various offers, and even a survey. I have not been credited for the one offer I completed, nor the survey I successfully completed. The survey mentioned it would take approximately 10 minutes to complete but took me nearly an hour to complete it. With this in...
  2. Devin

    Scam 👎 GPT with daily login bonus, cashout at $1, crypto/paypal payment

    This appears to be a promising website, I have signed up, and I'm going to try to reach 1,000 points and test the withdraw process. If everything runs smoothly and it works for me, I will mark this thread as legitimate. :)
  3. Devin

    March Payment from RIF - $190

    This is great, I'm glad you're using RIF to your advantage! :)
  4. Devin

    Official ⭐ $2,000+ Paid Out!

    Referral Index Forum has paid out over $2,000 USD since its launch in June of 2022! Referral Index Forum (RIF) launched on June 14, 2022, as a paid-to-post forum niche that originally specialized in off-topic and webmaster-based discussions. Within the first week of RIF's launch, there were a...
  5. Devin

    Info Forum Guidelines & Moderation Policy

    UPDATED 3/18/2022 AI-generated Content The use of AI-generated content is strictly prohibited on this forum. This includes but is not limited to: Comments generated by language models or automated text generation tools Posts generated by bots or other automated scripts Plagiarized content...
  6. Devin

    I need everyone to be praying for me, I've got an ongoing situation and I'm unsure of the...

    I need everyone to be praying for me, I've got an ongoing situation and I'm unsure of the outcome. I may be away for an extended period of time. If you guys do not hear from me, that means that more than likely the outcome didn't return in my favor.
  7. Devin

    Question Why still Pending status of my payout?

    I wished I had an answer to your question. I’m uncertain of when Jordan will return to process payments, but you’re welcome to continue waiting and he will process your litecoin payment as soon as he returns.
  8. Devin

    Suggestion Allow us to Bump our Topics

    I will see if I can add that option to those forum categories in the next couple of days.
  9. Devin

    Suggestion Allow us to Bump our Topics

    Sorry for the delayed response to your suggestion thread. As for "bumping" a thread, I know that some forums offer that feature without having to create a reply to a thread. However, here at Referral Index Forum, if a conversation is attractable and worthy of replies, the post is going to be...
  10. Devin

    Question Bitcoin inquiry

    Sorry for the delay, I'm not sure if you ever found the answer you were looking for. However, I believe that Jordan posted somewhere advising that he was finally able to sort through and find a wallet that worked for him, therefore he is now offering BTC and LTC as payment options. Now that...
  11. Devin

    Question Why still Pending status of my payout?

    Your payment has been processed by me, it is waiting on the next blockchain approval, and you will receive it soon.
  12. Devin

    Question RIF Cash $-0.001

    Hello @Maul, I have conducted an investigation into your concern and have pulled all your transactions. Here are my findings: You had earned a total amount of $0.075 Raw RIF, you used/spent $0.075 Raw RIF causing you to have a current balance of $0.00 Raw RIF. Your account balance is...
  13. Devin

    Question Why still Pending status of my payout?

    I have processed all PayPal payments as of now. Unfortunately, I am not able to process Litecoin payments. If anyone would like to receive BTC instead of LTC please send me a message letting me know you would like to process your existing cashout request for BTC instead of LTC, and provide your...
  14. Devin

    Question Why still Pending status of my payout?

    Hello everyone, If payments are not processed within the next 24 hours from Jordan, I will go ahead and process them myself. Sorry for the delay. EDIT: The only thing I will not be able to process (if Jordan doesn’t process in the next 24 hours) is litecoin payments, per my country guidelines...
  15. Devin

    Contest Monthly 50/50: March

    I’m not understanding your question. Please send me a private message so I can further assist you with your concern. By replying to this thread you are paying $0.05 RIF Cash to enter the 50/50 contest. For every reply you make on this thread, you will lose an additional $0.05 RIF Cash.
  16. Devin

    Legit 👍 InstaGC - Instant Gift Cards and Cashouts

    Sorry for the miscommunication. This website is available worldwide, it's just easier for United States and Canada to earn because they have more offers available to them. You can always sign up and see what offers/tasks are available to you in your specific area. :)
  17. Devin

    Legit 👍 InstaGC - Instant Gift Cards and Cashouts

    Overview of InstaGC: My overview of InstaGC: I registered for InstaGC back in late 2013, and have been an on-and-off member ever since. InstaGC has always been a legitimate website that offers you the ability to complete various tasks to earn "points" which you can redeem via gift cards...
  18. Devin

    Sign up and get $0.05 RIF Cash plus $15 trading bonus

    Is this offer available for citizens in the United States? When I attempt to sign up, I'm only seeing an option for the United States minor outlying islands (UM) ?
  19. Devin ?

    Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing! It must be an extremely pleasant feeling knowing that your client is covering the cost of your reseller account and all your websites are technically being hosted for free. Keep up the amazing work with that, and maybe eventually you...