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  1. Magnus2022

    Are you mining OM from Omega Network?

    There are many networks now that one can mine but this omega network is new to me. I am even tired of mining all this tokens. Am mine Bee network, pi network, alpha network, wolf network, stigma, etc. Am mining in more than 35 network.
  2. Magnus2022

    Who should be paid better betwen a doctor ad a teacher?

    Doctors deserved better pay than teachers because health first before any other thing. Secondly, doctors spend years and resources to acquire the knowledge. Moreover, life is far better than knowledge, therefore without doctors we may not be fit to acquired the knowledge.
  3. Magnus2022

    How is the business terrain in your country? is it viable

    Nigeria is viable as far as business is concerned but insecurity is endangering the economy. Let's pray that Nigeria government can be able to overcome this insecurity challenges.
  4. Magnus2022

    Earn Money With 2captcha (Captcha Entry)

    This method of making money is difficult and time wasting. While I have pay per posts sites which is more lucrative and profitable than CAPTCHA solving sites, why should I get involved with poor paying sites? CAPTCHA is totally waste of time.
  5. Magnus2022

    Wealth creation

    Wealth creation does not come through hard work. You can work and exhaust yourself without making money. The easy way to create wealth is through finding what people desperately need and you feel the void. If you can satisfy human wants, you will create such wealth that will be generational.
  6. Magnus2022

    Make money from lawn mowing.

    This kind of business is only profitable in western countries where people are too busy to do simple and easy domestic chores. In my country, I doubt if anybody will pay you for mowing their lawn except if you are living in a rich neighborhood.
  7. Magnus2022

    Why the rich get richer and the poor remain poor?

    It is a matter of principle and discipline. It is a matter of mentality and understanding. The rich spend time learning and investing in their business while the poor is only concerned with spending and consumption. If the poor man do what the rich does, he will be rich.
  8. Magnus2022

    What is the best ways to use the Bitcoin in order to make money?

    You can convert it to other coins and use it for staking or yield farming. Bitcoin can still be used for trading . Some can invest by holding the bitcoin and selling when it appreciate. Bitcoin can be convert to any other crypto and make any kind of investment you can think of.
  9. Magnus2022

    How to grow stronger with your business vision

    One way an entrepreneur can use to get stronger is through getting in touch with experienced mentor in the same business. There is nothing like experience and good mentor. Another factor that will help an entrepreneur to grow strong is credibility and transparency.
  10. Magnus2022

    Factors that affects high supply of your products

    The cash crunch is still biting seriously. Though, there is gradual improvement. But a lot of people are suffering unnecessarily. This Nigeria government is worst I have ever seen since I was born.
  11. Magnus2022

    Reasons for employees quick burnouts

    The worst cause of employee's burnout is excess work load and poor salary. Another factor that overwhelm employees is poor organization and management. When working environment is not properly organized, it may be chaotic and hectic to work there. A working environment suppose to cool and clean.
  12. Magnus2022

    What is the importance of business to you?

    The most important thing about business is to make profit and make a living through it. There is no business once there is no profit. A business without profit is better called charity organization. It is profit that defines business. Though another importance of business is express our...
  13. Magnus2022

    Can we make money by testing applications and websites?

    The reason I don't want to engage in some of these app testing sites is that they may have bugs which may affect my device. Secondly, there may not be enough apps to test. I don't want any app that will slow down or affect my smartphone negatively. I can not afford to lose vital contacts and...
  14. Magnus2022

    T-shirt Design Business

    I believe is a good business but am not looking for business to do. I have a lot of business I will like to do but am not free due to a lot of engagements. If I will do that business, I will outsource everything.
  15. Magnus2022

    What are the post to paid forums that work and pay well

    RIF is my favourite. I do work on beermoneyforum and forumcoin. But for now, am concentrating on RIF. Over a month now, I have not been able to post on beermoneyforum because of my engagement. Beermoneyforum is still okay.
  16. Magnus2022

    How to take advantage of business opportunities

    Only prepared minds can be able to see good business opportunities. If you are prepared and looking out for good business opportunities, you must surely get one.Therefore you must train your mind with reading books and observing events. There is abundance of business opportunities only that...
  17. Magnus2022

    How much do you earn monthly on this website?

    I make average of $15 to $20 monthly. But since last three weeks, I have not be able to consistent. Since last December, I have achieved some level of consistency that have actually helped me to make some dollars. I will make sure I reached $25 before the end of the month.
  18. Magnus2022

    How to write a high quality post

    The most important aspect of writing quality contents is that you must know about what you writing. Without sound knowledge about what you are writing you may be beating around the Bush. There is need that you do proper research before start to write about anything.
  19. Magnus2022

    Factors that affects ones passion for business

    One of the things that kill passion for online business is scammers. If online business entrepreneur was scammed, it takes a lot of courage to believe that online business is possible. When am starting, I was scammed and I become discouraged that it takes me more than 3 years to try again
  20. Magnus2022

    Are you active on mylot still?

    I don't use mylot to make money online because they use only PayPal as only means of payment and I don't have PayPal account. Moreover, they don't pay Nigerians in their platform. It is unfortunate that Nigerians don't make money there.