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  1. relcap23

    Selling refreshments during Holy Week

    I miss the street Halo Halo with pinipig, boiled camote and banana, beans, sweetened jackfruit. I don't go much for gulaman.
  2. relcap23

    Pains of having friends

    That was so funny, how young were you when you did this? We can never tell who the realm friends are. Good you know early.
  3. relcap23

    Selling refreshments during Holy Week

    It could be a good business idea to sell some refreshments during Holy week. Devotees go to different churches as part of tradition. We often see groups of them visiting one church to another. Though it's a season of fasting and abstinence some still feel the need to refresh and be energized...
  4. relcap23

    Have a speedy recovery.

    Have a speedy recovery.
  5. relcap23

    Do you work on holidays?

    If we have to meet deadlines I require my staff to render overtime with pay. I am not allowed to collect compensation but my staff can collect. However if I work on holidays due to election period I can collect and this is the time that all of us in the office are busy.
  6. relcap23

    Should a betrayed partner be given a second chance

    Feelings and emotions play a great part in deciding if we will risk them again by giving a second chance to the offender
  7. relcap23

    Fun ideas for fun day out

    It's nice to have a fun day with friends and co workers. Eating out, sharing stories and laughter, dancing and singing are just some of the things we enjoy doing. Out of town activities is also very enjoyable.
  8. relcap23

    China and Russia agrees to replace USD with Yuan

    It could be another step towards dominating global economy. But US dollar is still the benchmark of all currencies.
  9. relcap23

    Do you consider paying customers who bring in other customers in your business?

    Maybe I can offer some freebies to the group. This then will also be replicated if in that group somebody brings in another, then another freebie.
  10. relcap23

    Online payments

    I like Paypal because it's very simple and not. complicated. I don't like crypto, copying address, pasting address is too complicated for me. lol.
  11. relcap23

    Do you like Lemon Ginger tea?

    I love sipping this beverage hot especially after having a good massage.
  12. relcap23

    What payments are typically withheld from an employee's paycheck?

    There are deductions from home mutual. development fund, GSIS for government employee or SSS for private employees, Phil health contributions, taxes if taxable are just among those deducted. If their are unions or. cooperatives dues these are also deducted as long as there is a memorandum of...
  13. relcap23

    Can a business person, not a pharmacist own a pharmacy?

    You can hire a pharmacist and pay her salary. If you have small capital it's not feasible, but if you're a licensed pharmacy you have the advantage. Some physician are also pharmacist so all the medicines prescribed. by them they can also dispense.
  14. relcap23

    Earn Money becoming A Hairstylist

    Hair stylists in my country have extreme rates. If you go to a high end salon one will spend so much money and giving tips even to the shampoo girl, but if you go toman ordinary parlor they charge to as low as one dollar only, but no shampoo.
  15. relcap23

    Earning money from site

    I used to have this app but frequent updates is required before points are credited. It's using mischief storage.
  16. relcap23

    Team to go earn on Mylot- Who is interested?

    If you sign up there I hope to see you and interact with you. You will see some of us there.
  17. relcap23

    Earn with Depop

    That's true,all waste of time and battery. Better channel the effort to sure earning sites.
  18. relcap23

    Earn with Depop

    I had firefaucet tried for few days but earning my is slow, B.C Game no chance lol.. I had digital money forum but also slow lol. I might as well focus on forum site and surveys. Firefaucet has surveys too but points will be hard to redeeem.
  19. relcap23

    How can you make money from Esty

    What is this site all. about? Is it forum? survey? crypto? Just heard of this now.
  20. relcap23

    Agency supplying maidservants, cooks

    I am not very keen on getting househelps from agency. My friends have a not so good experience with these agencies. They pay the agency and after a few months the househelp leaves.