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Exchange Your RIF Cash to Crypto


RIF Cash
Since crypto withdrawal is not available on RIF, I have decided to provide RIF Cash to the Crypto exchange service.
I will accept any amount for exchange, even 0.50 RIF Cash.
Crypto will be sent through Binance Pay, or crypto address (LTC only). The type of crypto I will send will depend on the crypto I have on my account.
I will charge a 20 percent commission, for example, if you want to exchange $1, you will receive 80 cents in crypto.
If you want to exchange, donate the amount and reply to this topic along with your Binance Pay ID, or LTC address. I will send crypto as soon as possible.
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What of those that don't have binance pay? Won't you be exchanging directly to wallets? Like Litecoin or USDT?
Binance Pay is free between users, so I prefer Binance Pay. However, for someone who does not use Binance pay, I will send LTC payment. I have edited the post and added LTC option as well.