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Have you joined Honey Gain? What can you say?

My experience was worse because it consumed all of my data and I had to pay for another data subscription.
That's so sad and so bad. That site is good for nothing. It kills people's interest and leaves a bad experience with them. Others received good pay, I dunno if they're telling the truth. I was messaged by the site to get back but I ignored the message. Just imagine the price of the laptop battery if always drained?
I also left that site, in fact, I left the site with my earning in the amount of $6. But that amount drained my gadgets perfectly because in the morning my laptop and mobile phones were all in deep sleep battery low bat. After hearing the feedback from people in Mylot, I immediately uninstalled the app.
Yea it does drain the battery quite a bit but personally I don't have much troubles with it sure it pays very little and it takes forever to reach payment threshold buy since it's very passive way to earn it's not that bad
I had heard of Honeygain but had never actually used it but was always curious about it. I am glad that I stumbled across this thread though as it seems that it may be somewhere that is not something many would want to be involved in. It's a shame that some people ended up having to get him with their issues for others to find out though.
Yes, I managed to register on the site, but on the 2nd day I deactivated it. Because I think it really drains my internet data package. Usually I don't spend more than 2GB, but I used up more than 2GB this time. Even though I only use my cellphone, it doesn't make much sense. LOL
Honeygain site favors members from United States of America. One Mylotter from USA earned big at $68 a month. Therefore that site is a racist. They better clarify their agenda to hire only their favorites Just imagine those are hoping but turnout losing.