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I want to become a graphic designer, how?


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I am a graphic designer, but I am not very professional. However, many people ask me how to become a graphic designer, and honestly, I don't have a clear answer for them. In your opinion, if someone wants to become a graphic designer, where should they start?
This is my personal opinion:
Learn the basics of graphic design
Enroll in graphic design courses
Work on your own project to improve your graphics skills
I think one can always become a great graphic designer by attending to graphic designing school either online or offline and acquire the required skills and knowledge one is supposed to know about the career.
That is very interesting, if you master English you can find hundreds of free tutorials on the internet, you can also hire online courses, some can be somewhat expensive but worth it, I recommend you look at many free tutorials.
I think the internet has got very useful resources about the graphics and web designing ventures.
However there are many websites that provides free courses for the same; udemy, Alison among other online learning sites.