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Joshua Farrell

The Funny Looking Blank Avatar Guy
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Hello there! This thread, is a thread where I am looking to be hired at different forums or websites, for the long term. If you are seeking help and are willing to pay for it, I'm you man. If you are posting here for something other than hiring me or asking questions about the end goal of this thread, I will report your reply. Fair enough? I'd like to think so. :)

First and foremost, I generally don't have issues with genres of sites, as I tend to be well enough versed to know when I need to look something up if I am in need of information on something. So don't take that against me, unless you have something that might be a bit too niche related. If so, please provide a link to me, so I know what I might be getting into, and if I might reasonably be able to do so.

Software History

I have worked on various forum and blog/content management softwares as an admin and moderator. The following softwares I am either competent or am comfortable working on as a regular user, administrator or moderator:
Wikimedia, Wordpress, MyBB (Stable Versions), phpBB (all versions), XenForo, bbPress, PunBB, SMF, Vanilla, various Free Remotely Hosted Forum and Blog Softwares

Administration History
Formerly Administrator of both the Forum and Game Wikipedia for 8 Years (now defunct). Also Managing Editor for the same Game Wikipedia for 6 years, in conjunction with Administration Duties.
Administrative and Moderation duties on the forum included combating spam, typical moderation against users who consistently broke forum rules, and helping to work out player issues via the support forum.
Administrative and Editorial Duties on the Wiki, was combating spam, updating the wiki with new information on the game, and helping update wiki information on various user profiles and planets.

Formerly an Administrator at Forum Promotion for 4+ years.
Formerly an Administrator of between October 28, 2020-January 2, 2023.

Moderation History
Formerly an Moderator at Forum Promotion for 6 Months total.
Formerly an Moderator at between October 13 and October 28, of 2020.
Formerly Content Moderator at Hive Gamers, between December 18, 2018 and January 1, 2021.

Editorial History
Formerly a Member and Team Leader of the Editorial Staff and Review Staff at Forum Promotion, for a combined total of 2 years and 10 months total).
Formerly Managing Editor of Philosophy and Current Events of The Moral Liberal (Now The Self Educated American) for 6 Years. (Earnings peaked at $12,000+ a year)

Key Differences Between the Below Positions
Community Administrator

Responsibilities include promoting and demoting members to/from moderators, managing the rules, creating sections and sub-sections, defining site-wide word filters, defining size restrictions for users' avatars and signatures, making forum-wide announcements, changing the appearance, writing forum policies, work server related items, etc. May also act in the capacity of a moderator. Will also be actively engaged with the community by also making threads, posting replies to members questions, and general replying to various topics around the forum.

Forum Moderator
Manages interactions between community members and their main role is conflict resolution. Forum Moderators also post and reply to various threads to help build a sense of community among the forum members.
In the context of a web forum, the moderator enforces community standards. These standards might include some kind of rules about the scope of the site and/or the scope of specific areas within the site. Moderators are responsible for making sure that discussions take place (and content is shared) in the appropriate area.

Positions Looking For
Community Administrator

Responsibilities Include: interacting with the community individually and as a whole; maintain forum moderation standards; hiring paid and volunteer staff; and many other forum related duties. Server Side help can be also negotiated into the position at additional cost, if help is needed. Helping with hiring of volunteer and paid staff included.

Added Responsibilities, if needed or requested: Other items if requested. Additional Costs incurred, if duties take me away from general duties as a Community Administrator.
Time Expectations: Hobby Forum, up to 20 Hours a week. (Hobby Forums are your basic forums that don't make thousands per month or year)
Potential Niche Specific, Big Site or active site, 21-40 hours per week. At 21 or more hours per week, I charge hourly to work on.

Hobby Forum Cost:
Hobby Forum Cost
- $175 USD Monthly Base Pay, per 6 month period; Negotiable pay rate for long term contracts Negotiable Contracted Rates available IF potential work time expectations hits 21 hours or more, for unexpected increase in workloads.

Full Time Forum Administrator
Responsibilities include:
All typical forum and server duties, Moderation Duties, hiring forum staff (volunteer or paid).
Time Expectations: 31-40 Hours a week. Additional Hours as needed, at rates listed below, in overtime. Unless contract specifies workload.
Added Responsibilities, if needed or requested: Running, Maintaining and Administrating Multiple Forums on behalf of you; Running, Maintaining and Administrating a Individual (Single) Forum on behalf of you; Running Social Media Accounts; or other items if requested.
Salary Cost: $xxx,xxx USD Per Negotiated Contracted Salary Year, based off of needs of individual or business. Salary Cost, is defined as contract specific, where the person looking is needing specific work to be done, and wants to control costs to a contracted work agreement specific to that end.
Full Time Hourly: $85 Per Hour, at 31 hours minimum per week, up to 40 Hours per week.
Overtime Cost: Any time above agreed on hourly scheduled. Click on the spoiler for additional information.
Time and a half - $127.5 Per additional hour, above contracted hours per day. Essentially any overtime during the contracted hourly for each day I am contracted to work, if contracted hourly is between 31-40 hours per week.
Double Overtime - $170 Per additional hour, on non work days and the weekend.
On Call, Triple Overtime - $255 Per Hour On Call. This means that any time I am spending outside of contract hours or days and you want me to be available during certain designated times or spread of days, this is labeled as triple overtime, in addition to the above overtime costs. This quite literally means that if I am on call during the weekend, I would qualify for both Double Overtime, and Triple Overtime. If I am on call overnight between scheduled days, this would mean that on call overtime would mean that I get paid the daily overtime cost, and the triple on call overtime cost for the same registered overtime cost.

Forum Moderator
Regular Forum Moderator - Part Time
Responsibilities Include:
Moderation based on Forum and Individual board rules/guidelines; interacting and being part of the community; daily posting; other items on forum that may fall under the jurisdiction of the moderators.

Time Expectations: up to 21 Hours a week.
Cost: $50 USD Monthly Base Pay; Negotiable pay rate for any potential contracts beyond 6 months (negotiated privately).

Moderation Team Leader - Part Time
Responsibilities Include:
All standard moderation responsibilities; Leading the moderation team in all duties; posting around the forum; answering questions; hiring and firing volunteer moderators; other items based on negotiation.
Added Responsibilities, if needed or requested: Other items if negotiated for.
Time Expectations: up to 21 Hours a week.
Cost: $75 USD Monthly Base Pay, increased rate for duties or time above the standard duties and listed time above; Negotiable pay rate for any potential contracts beyond 6 months (negotiated privately).

Last Bit of Info
Last but not least, if you want information on items I did not cover, please shoot me a PM. If there is something that I might need to clarify publicly, I'll post a response here for everyone. All negotiations should remain private, as I cannot write up blanket answers on things that may require individual negotiation.

Thanks for reading this!
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