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Acceptable Content

For a website or forum to be promoted on Referral Index Forum, it needs to follow our acceptable content guidelines. While our site-wide guidelines provide a few basic details, this guide is a full explanation of what content can and cannot be promoted on Referral Index Forum.

If a website does not follow our acceptable content guidelines, then: it cannot be posted in the Advertisement Room, it cannot be involved in exchanges or marketplace deals, it cannot be linked to on Referral Index Forum, and it cannot be discussed on Referral Index Forum. That includes on the public forums, and also via profile comment, private messages, blog posts, and any other part of the website.

This page is meant to be extremely detailed. In 99% of all cases, the information in the site-wide guidelines will be sufficient. But if your site falls into a gray-area, this page is very valuable in figuring out whether it is allowed or not.

Content That Cannot be Promoted

  • Products: this includes any site that promotes a commercial product that is not relevant to owning a website, blog, or forum. This does not include books, music, or similar creative or “independent” products, and also does not include free-lance services. Websites that use Pirated or Nulled Software: this includes websites or forums that run nulled forum software, or discuss or link to nulled software. Hacking: this includes black-hat hacking and ethical hacking alike, including any website that contains instructional information on how to exploit security vulnerabilities.

  • Black Hat SEO: this includes any forum or website that contains information on, or promotes, search engine optimization practices which are forbidden by google’s, or another major search engine’s, webmaster guidelines.

  • Pornography: this includes any website that includes explicit, pornographic text, images, or other media.

  • Non-English Content: All content promoted on Referral Index Forum must be primarily in the English language, or must include an English translation.
  • Shock Images & Excessive Swearing: this includes any video, image, text, or other media that is designed to shock the user, such as violent, grotesque, or obscene content. It also includes websites that include heavy amounts of swearing or other NSFW content.
  • Hateful Content: this includes any content that targets hate based on a person’s beliefs or identity, including, but not limited to, race, creed, or ethnicity. This also includes content that targets hate towards Referral Index Forum or members of our community.

  • Copyright Infringing Content: this includes any content that is being distributed without the permission of the copyright holder. This rule applies to sites that contain the content, and also sites that embed, or directly link to, the content. It also includes websites which violate Referral Index Forum’s copyright by using images or text taken from this website.

  • Malware: this includes any site that contains or links to, whether on purpose or inadvertently, any dangerous or malicious downloads or other malware.

  • Banned Members’ Websites: this includes websites that are owned, or administrated by, members who have been banned from Referral Index Forum.

  • Scamming: this includes any website that attempts to scam its users, or contains deceitful information.
  • Illicit Activity: Any website that assists users in violating another website’s terms of service cannot be promoted on Referral Index Forum. That includes, but is not limited to, the buying or selling of accounts, virtual items in games that prohibit that, and the buying/selling of solutions to CAPTCHA puzzles.

  • Easy Money: this includes any site or service that is primarily oriented towards earning cash, particularly through reselling products, completing surveys, or similar labor. This does not include products meant to monetize existing websites, such as ad networks.

  • Illegal Content: Any content that is illegal in the United Kingdom may not be promoted on Referral Index Forum. Also, you may not promote websites which encourage or assist in illegal activity.

  • Any content that is not mentioned in the above list can be promoted on Referral Index Forum. However, we also recognize that these guidelines cannot possibly be comprehensive, so therefore reserve the right to deny any site which is promoted on Referral Index Forum, if we decide that its content is dangerous or unsuitable for our members.

    Exceptions & Special Cases

  • Adult Content: Websites that contain adult content can be promoted, and involved in exchanges, so long as those websites require a user to create an account to view all adult content, and enforce a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. When doing exchanges, the site owner must verify that every person who is engaging an exchange with him/her is at least 18 years old.
  • “Rule-Less” Sections: If a site or forum has a section in which heavy swearing or other offensive content is allowed, then depending on how offensive that content is, we may require the website’s owner to set that section to be unviewable by guests for it to be promoted here.
  • Security Websites: If a website concerns cyber security, it must be abundantly clear that the website’s focus is on privacy and other benign matters, and can in no way be used as a means to educate a person in exploiting security vulnerabilities in computer systems.
  • Rewards for Posting: Sites that offer cash or other rewards for posting on a forum are allowed. Products that Monetize Websites: If a product’s primary purpose is to monetize an existing website, it can be promoted on Referral Index Forum.

  • Other Exceptions: If you feel that your website is a special case, please feel free to contact an administrator. We will carefully consider your request and decide whether or not an exception can be granted.