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Referral Index Forum Review


Referral Index Forum (RIF) is a paid-to-post forum that allows members to post for money. This allows users to earn extra income through the site, which can be used for other expenses in life.

How does Referral Index Forum work?

Users who want to get paid to post on the forum must first register as a member by visiting and clicking on Register. For you to be eligible to register on the forum, you must be a minimum age of 13.

In the registration form, you must fill in your correct details in the right space. Unlike other paid-to-post forums that have some requirements before being approved to post and earn, Referral Index Forum has no requirement.

RIF has some interesting categories like business chat, webmaster central, relaxation room, etc. The members are active and always helpful.

Referral Index Forum's Rules
  • As a member, you must maintain quality while posting in the forum.
  • Start threads in only the most relevant section
  • Refrain from posting the same question asked or content posted in several forums.
  •  Posting of copy/paste content from other sources is not allowed on the forum.
  •  Don't create empty posts that contain only links or lists.
  •  Do not spam
  •  You should stay away from posts that promote adult content, illegal activities, terrorism, or racism.

What are the ways to earn on Referral Index Forum?

There are many interesting ways to get paid on RIF. See below the list on how to get paid:
  • Earn a welcome bonus of 1,000 RIF Points ($1.00 USD)
  • You will earn 500 RIF Points per referral which creates a minimum post requirement of 25 posts.
  • You will earn 15 RIF Points per new thread
  •  You will earn 10 RIF Points per new reply made
  • For every reply another member makes in one of your created threads, you will earn 1 RIF Point
  • You can also earn from monthly contests

How to get payment on Referral Index Forum?

 Just like any other website that has a direct currency. Referral Index Forum has its own forum currency called "RIF Points". RIF Points are what members are paid while using the forum, and can be exchanged for physical currency via PayPal, Bitcoin, or You can also exchange your RIF Points with other members that can provide other payment methods.

1,000 RIF Points are equal to $1 and the minimum withdrawal is 5,000 RIF Points ($5.00).

To request payment, click on the menu area and click on "shop". The shop area is where you will exchange your RIF Points for actual currency or rewards. Choose any currency, make a purchase using RIF Points and insert your payment details.


Referral Index Forum is a great way for people who are looking for extra income but are unable to find jobs. RIF allows them to make money while working at home, which helps them save more time and money overall!

Article submitted by @Enxx on 9/9/2022.
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what is the payout level, do we need to request for payment, or it is automatic?
The level is to transfer and good network very standard experience and smartness
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what is the payout level, do we need to request for payment, or it is automatic?
The level is to transfer and good network very standard experience and smartne
I have been a member of the site for several months and I am really satisfied. I know the users here in other forums and I haven't felt like a stranger since the first day. I hope we can make good memories together. Just one more thing. Please do not change the rules of the forum too much. I think it is better that way

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