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Can you survive a week now without money

This thing is almost impossible to be achievable. For instance staying without money means no purchasing, no eating no internet and no everything. The only thing you can do without money is sleeping at home.
Ok I know what its like to not have money so Here is my system. I have a certain amount of cash I have to spend every week. When I go out, I get coins daily and I always have one dollar bills in my wallet. When I come home, I take the change and throw it in a jar. Not the pennies, just the silver. Then I take two or three single dollar bills and put them in a jar. I do this all the time. When I get enough singles I change them in for a bigger bill usually a twenty dollar bill. Then I put that away in another section. Then I start again with the dollar bills again. After a few months I take the lose change and roll it with coin rollers I get from the bank. They are free so I get them by the handful. I roll the change up and when I go to a variety store, I give it to them for my purchases and they give me whatever change I am getting back in singles or five dollar bills. I have been doing this for years and when I need the money for an emergency fund or a vacation fund, I have it.